A real, refreshing

Bay Center Foods nurtures a culture that revolves around listening, learning and always lending a helping hand.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Chick-fil-A, Inc., it’s no surprise that, if you ask anyone who works here, they’ll humbly tell you we simply love what we do, we’re deeply committed to serving Chick-fil-A® local franchised Operators, and we believe our passion is passed on to each new person who joins the Bay Center Foods family.

BCF stands for Bay Center Foods, but we all know it as Bay Center Family.

rick de jesus

Director, Talent

And while we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we do take our process very seriously. Because the lemon juice we create for our customers, Chick-fil-A local franchised Operators, allows them to ensure their customers can enjoy the best-tasting lemonade around…wherever they happen to be. And that’s something we can point to and say, “We helped make that happen.”

We’re constantly looking for people who have the right mindset, as opposed to what they might perceive to be the right skillset. We’re all about attitude over aptitude, as we can teach anyone the skills they need; however, the right attitude is something candidates need on day one — what we humbly refer to as each new team member’s “last first day.

Putting people first

We are delighted to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Chick-fil-A, Inc. With our parent company’s trust and support, we’re able to approach product quality and food waste in creative, thoughtful ways.  

Each day, our Bay Center team comes together to take food-production efforts to the next level. For this very reason, we’ve been fortunate enough to grow by leaps and bounds. But our tremendous growth wouldn’t be possible without our amazing people.

Everyone that works here has great hearts and great minds.


Team Member

At Bay Center Foods, we have heart for each other and our customers: Chick-fil-A restaurant local franchised Operators, their Restaurant Team Members and their customers. Our culture is built on a foundation of trust, authenticity, community and mutual respect.  

We believe in the power of perspectives and want to hear from every employee at Bay Center Foods. We listen and take action to make Bay Center Foods better, and to grow our team for the better.

We’ve made it our mission to find and bring together like-minded entrepreneurs, experts and professionals who are passionate about serving others and helping them reach their goals.

EAT mor chikin: Inspire more people

S. Truett Cathy, Chick-fil-A Founder

Our leadership team

Collaborate with a team led by relentless innovators who don’t shy away from rolling up their sleeves — leaders who treat everyone here like family. These stewards care about their team members and are committed to creating a fun work environment for all, while still being very productive.

We’ve made it our mission to find and bring together like-minded entrepreneurs, experts and professionals who are passionate about serving others and helping them reach their goals.

The knowledgeable, approachable leaders you see below embody everything for which we stand. Day in and day out, they are helping grow and build Bay Center Foods right alongside the rest of the team.

Kurt Cahill

Executive Director

Kurt leads Bay Center Foods with a people-first approach and a commitment to delivering the highest quality lemon juice in the country. He dedicates a substantial portion of his time to changing team members’ lives by providing guidance and opportunities for growth. Kurt has been an entrepreneur in the consumer packaged goods food industry for more than 25 years. His career includes start-ups, food and beverage formulation, process and mechanical engineering and full facility design and building.

Rick De Jesus

Director, Talent

Rick brings with him learnings from creating and opening several distribution centers in the world of .com. He finds joy in helping Bay Center Foods uphold its purpose — to be the most caring and innovative manufacturing company in the world. Rick has a bachelor’s degree in public administration with an emphasis in human resources from San Diego State University and a master's degree from National University.

Liljana Dojcinovski, Ph.D.

Director, Quality Assurance

Liljana pushes what's possible through teamwork and collaboration. Food safety programs, compliance, and continuous improvement are where she excels every day. She has more than two decades of international leadership expertise. She led and supported business initiatives in food and beverage manufacturing, directed scalable operational improvements, and developed food safety standards that were implemented globally. She holds a doctorate in food microbiology and a bachelor's degree in veterinary medicine.

Kirk Hargett

Director, Manufacturing

Kirk is a customer- and quality-focused business leader with 20 years of experience in manufacturing. At Bay Center Foods, he provides strategic vision and drives operational productivity, streamlining processes and positively impacting bottom-line results. Kirk has a business management degree from Averett University and graduated from the University of Virginia Executive Leadership Program.

T.J. Miller

Director, Business Operations

T.J. leads the company’s supply chain activities, ensuring we always have the highest quality lemons to meet the demands of our customers. He also has his eye on the future of Bay Center Foods, constantly looking for ways to add revenue streams and put our lemon juice in the hands of more people in the U.S. He has more than 17 years in the industrial baking industry. T.J. is a graduate of Queen’s University, where he received a bachelor’s degree with honors in political studies and a bachelor’s degree in economics.